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Airtel organizes ‘YOLO Fest’ at Chittagong University

The country’s leading youth brand Airtel has recently organized #YOLO Fest at University of Chittagong campus, a press release said Wednesday.

With games and music zones dotted around the campus, the day’s festivity lived up to the expectation of the large number of eager students who participated in the festival.

Being true to the spirit of YOLO (You Only Live Once), the campus based youth fest aims to celebrate the unbridled spirit of youth with gaming and musical concert.

Airtel-Yonder’s exclusive band Shironamhin performed at the concert as part of the #YOLO fest programme. Thousands of students swayed to the tune of popular songs sung by the band. Throughout the day, the students gathered at the games zones to enjoy fun-filled digital games.

There was also a huge gathering in front of the music zone, where the students got to know about the exciting features of the Airtel-Yonder Music app- the largest library of bangla and international music.

Airtel is building digital communities such as music, gaming and video communities across the country by engaging with the youth through organizing this #YOLO campaign.

The engagement activities are built around giving an experience to allow the youth to experience the fest as per their own interests.