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Coca-Cola launches new campaign for International Mother Language Day

Coca-Cola Bangladesh today announced the launch of a campaign that celebrates the unmatched pleasure of expressing through one’s mother tongue. Titled “Matribasha Choriye Dao, Bhalo Bashae Bhoriye Dao”, the campaign runs with the idea that certain feelings and relationships can only be expressed the best way by using your mother tongue.

During the tenure of the campaign from the 15th of February till the 26th of March, Coca-Cola bottles will showcase labels in Bangla to commemorate seven important relationships – abbu, ammu, bhaiya, apu, dosto, bhabi, and mama all over Bangladesh, making sharing that much more special.

Additionally, a million consumers will also be invited to participate in a quiz competition through an automated text, wherein upon calling a number free of cost, they’ll be asked three questions related to the Mother Language Day.

Consumers who answer all three questions correctly will all receive a bottle of Coca-Cola and a Coca-Cola Bhasha Dibosh t-shirt, while qualifying for the second round of the quiz at the same time. 150 winners from the second round will have an opportunity to have a dinner with the international cricketing sensation Mustfiz Rahman.

In line with the campaign, Coca-Cola will also air its heartwarming Mother Language Day TVC through the entirety of the campaign, which will highlight the preciousness of the Bangla language in expressing one’s feelings towards loved ones.

Shadab Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh commented at the event: “Despite living in a globalized world, there are some things that cannot be replaced, such as the joy of expressing love and passion in one’s own mother tongue. Coca-Cola has always supported multilingualism and multiculturalism around the world, and providing people with the opportunity to express themselves in the way and in the language that they love. This is why, for the third year we are introducing the special bottles to commemorate Bangla with the belief that people around Bangladesh will be delighted at being able to spread their love in their own language.”