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Robi-10 Minute School introduces digital smart-books 

The largest online school of the country, Robi-10 Minute School has recently introduced digital smart-books for the students, a press release said Wednesday.

Launched in February 2017, these smart-books have already been read more than a million times by the students. Anyone can find these smart-books for free in the website:

In true sense, the smart-books allow the students to get a holistic understanding of the textual books in an interactive manner. Rather than being just a digital education content, the smart-books anticipate the learning need of the students by allowing them to test how well they have learnt a topic through engaging the students over topical quizzes.

Suppose, in case of studying Bangla poems, the smart-books will have the detailed meaning of each line of the poem, suggest antonyms or synonyms for certain hard to grasp words to allow scope for complete learning; it also would provide a biography of the poet to help the students forge a deep connection with the poet and the underlying message of the poem, he or she is studying.

Similarly, Robi-10 Minute School has content for Physics, Chemistry, ICT, Mathematics and many other subjects. The smart-books takes the students through all the difficult concepts of these subjects as captured in the text book with detailed and interactive explanation.

The smart-books help students with lateral thinking as well, as it highlights the connection and correlation among various formulae, topics.

Currently, the smart-books cover for all the major course materials for SSC and HSC exams. Going forward, it plans to incorporate all the topics of all the subjects up to PSC exams.

The smart-books removes the need to purchase piles of guide-books, and thereby allows students from even humble socio-economic backgrounds to get access to the high quality education content for free of cost.