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YOLO Adda celebrated at Chittagong and Kustia

Airtel has arranged YOLO Adda—a festival that celebrates the joys of music, friendship and fun, a press release said Saturday.

This colorful event took place in Chittagong and Kustia recently with great success.

A huge number of people attended the Adda and enjoyed the music performed by local musicians. It was a 2-day long event.

On the first day local comedians performed for the local audience. Second day was full of games, interactions and all which was hit as well.

The attendees challenged each other to games and spent hours playing and having fun. They also loved the delicious food and beverages offered by the various stalls at the festival.

airtel would like to thank the people of Chittagong and Kustia for making YOLO Adda a success. Their enthusiastic participation made the Adda a truly memorable event.

One of the reasons airtel has arranged this festival is to highlight the vibrant local music and friendly communities found all over our country. The people of Chittagong and Kustia have shown themselves to be a great example of such a community.

Aiming to reach to the youth, YOLO Adda was initiated as a front liner youth engagement platform with the core objective of driving consumer interaction and engagement.

It is taking place in a number of locations all across Bangladesh and all the local people is enjoying the event and engaging themselves with airtel.