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PRAN starts mango collection

PRAN, one of the biggest agro-based Industries in the country, has started mango collection and pulping activities and set target to purchase 60,000 metric tons of mangoes for the season, a press release said Thursday.

This year’s mango purchasing began on May 19 and it will continue until the supply of mango.

Hazrat Ali, Deputy General Manager of PRAN Agro Limited Factory in Natore, announced it through a view exchanging program with local journalists at the factory auditorium at Ekdala in Natore on Thursday.

He said, PRAN has started collecting a large amount of mango directly from the company’s contract farmers of the country’s different areas especially Rajshahi, Natore Chapai Nawabganj, Naogaon, Dinajpur and Satkhira.

‘We receive the mangoes at the factory after testing through quality control. Later, we check whether the mangoes are ripe, lean or rotten. Then, those mangoes are sent to laboratory for necessary tests, including formalin and PH. We also check the weight of the collected mangoes. After passing the laboratory test, the mangoes are sent to factory for processing. Pulp is collected and then preserved following aseptic technology. The advantages of this technology are to preserve the pulps for one year without freezing maintaining its taste and freshness.’

‘From the pulp various kinds of mango drinks, mango bar and other food items, including jelly are produced in different factories of PRAN Group. Besides pickles are made from green mangoes. At present, PRAN products are being exported to 134 countries in the world,’ he added.

Hazrat further said, the factory currently employees seven thousand people. Moreover, employment opportunities for two to three thousand people have been created during mango season of which 90 percent are women.

Md. Kamruzzaman, Senior Manager, Contract Farming Department of PRAN Agro Business Limited, informed that PRAN collects mangoes from its 15,000 contractual farmers. The farmers get necessary assistance from the company.

Shujan Mahmud, Head of Media, Zeaul Haque, AGM (PR) at PRAN-RFL Group and Abdul Kader Sarker, Senior Manager (Admin) at PRAN Agro Limited Factory were present at the program.