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Bengal Meat launches online Qurbani Haat

Complete Qurbani and Live Cattle Delivery – with these two services Bengal Meat has launched its Online Qurbani Haat for a third year in a row, a press release said Wednesday.

The highlight of this year is the sale of farm cattle that have been fed natural feed, health checked by registered veterinarians, and rearing management by animal husbandry experts with minimum three months to one year at feedlot. This will allow consumers to have steroid, anti-biotic, and disease free healthy cattle for Qurbani sacrifice.

Customers can buy live cattle or can have Qurbani full service online from site. Live cattle will be delivered at the customer’s home with a delivery charge, delivery starts 5 days before Qurbani and will continue till 2 days before the Eid.

Qurbani full service offers customers to have the cattle sacrificed by Bengal Meat on their behalf, process meat as per our food safety standards, pack it in proper portions in food grade packaging, and get it delivered on the 2nd day of Qurbani at their home.

Live cattle are available for Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet Cities and Qurbani Full service will only be catered to Dhaka city. Online Haat sales will close on 26 August 2017 subject to availability.

Bengal Meat is the only internationally certified abattoir in Bangladesh with Halal compliance met by Islamic Foundation Bangladesh and JAKIM of Malaysia. All the cattle sacrificed are monitored by dedicated personnel from Islamic Foundation Bangladesh.

Bengal Meat is always looking to create more convenience with safer food for the local community; with same mission, it took the effort to make healthy and disease-free sacrifice cattle available, which the customers can see and choose from the comfort of their homes.

The platform will also create opportunity for the expats who want to see their sacrifice cattle and be able to share in the happiness of Eid-Ul-Azha with their families. Md. Msumul Haque, AGM – Animal Husbandry Unit and HUM Mehedi Sajjad, Head of Marketing launched the site and briefed journalists about the site and this year’s cattle.