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Coca-Cola to launch Coke Zero & Sprite Zero in Bangladesh

Coca-Cola Bangladesh is set to launch the highly anticipated ‘Coke Zero & Sprite Zero’, in Bangladesh.

The launch, which is expected to create hype amongst the consumers for a limited period from the 15th to 24th September, 2017 will be available exclusively on the top Lifestyle App WowBox. During this period, consumers will be able to participate in a Coca-Cola related-content challenge, through the Wowbox App, to win free Coke Zero & Sprite Zero.

They will also be able to order Coca-Cola beverage online, for home delivery in Dhaka and Chittagong only.

Coke Zero is a non-sugar variant, featuring the trademark Coca-Cola taste and Sprite Zero a non-sugar variant of the original Sprite Beverage. First introduced in 2005 in the United States, this zero-sugar drink quickly became a fan favorite and has gradually expanded to markets all over the world; and now for the first time the anticipated beverage will be available to all Bangladesh consumers.

The Coca-Cola Company inaugurated its first state-of-the-art factory in Bangladesh at the beginning of this year, which solidified the Company’s long-term commitment to the country. Along with the new factory, came the promise of more Coca-Cola products in Bangladesh.

The introduction of Coke Zero & Sprite Zero comes through extensive market testing seeking to meet the demands of the growing number of Coca-Cola fans in the country. The lifestyle App, WowBox is the exclusive launch partner of Coke Zero & Sprite Zero, providing users with engaging contents about products that are soon to be launched in the market.

App, launched in May 2015 in Bangladesh, reached 1.5 million authenticated users in September, with ongoing strong user growth. So lot of people can order through WowBox App.

The launch itself is unique. It is the first time in Bangladesh, that a brand such as Coca-Cola will launch Coke Zero & Sprite Zero, exclusively through an app, for the first week. This kind of product release ensures direct engagement with the consumers, and through a series of polls and quizzes, the Company is aware of exactly what the consumers are looking for and saying about the new product.

Following the initial promotion period, Coke Zero & Sprite Zero will be available nationwide from 25th September, 2017 along with all other Coca-Cola Bangladesh products.

Shadab Khan, Managing Director, Coca-Cola Bangladesh commented about the zero-sugar product: “Coke Zero & Sprite Zero has been truly revolutionary in that it gives Coca-Cola fans the same great taste, without any of the sugar– giving consumers the choice to regulate their sugar intake if they choose to. We are launching Coke Zero & Sprite Zero in Bangladesh with the belief that Bangladeshi consumers who love the unforgettable taste of Coca-Cola might sometimes want it without the sugar, and this also marks the Company’s efforts globally to increase the promotion of no-sugar beverage options to provide an option for people looking to reduce their consumption of added sugars.”